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Vaser липосакция (ультразвуковая липосакция)

Would you like to obtain a slim fit body, a flat abdomen, a firm press without working out a lot? Most of us would definitely say yes. In our dynamic world people just don’t have enough time to pay enough attention to their health and body. Some people are always on a diet without getting any visible results, others exhaust themselves in a gym. There are people who think that this way of improving your looks and body contours is too time-consuming and ineffective. We have some good news because now your dreams of a perfect body can come true thanks to the modern VASER (bodybuilding) liposuction.

Sergey Sviridov is the first plastic surgeon in Russia who has mastered the newest technology of body liposuction and has achieved some amazing results.

Which problem zones do men and women have?

Both men and women have problem zones: fat lines on the stomach, excess fat on the back, hips and breast, fatty buttocks and thighs, excess fat on the underside of arms, in the patellar zone, facial zone, neck and chin.

What is VASER liposuction (ultrasound liposuction)?

VASER is a trademark of liposuction ultrasound system which uses sound waves to selectively emulsify fatty tissue for its further removal. With this technology the fatty tissue in the treated areas can be emulsified both in the deep and superficial layers. The procedure is minimally invasive which helps to reduce the blood and liquid loss as well as reduce pain and traumas. It also allows to perform lipomodeling (contouring) of muscles (High Definition of waist, HD of abdomen, HD of shoulders, HD of thighs, HD of calfs) and lipofilling.

What is lipomodeling and lipoplastic?

Another form of VASER is lipomodeling.

With this technology a surgeon is doing a sculptor’s job by modeling the ideal proportions of the patient’s body which creates an amazing visual effect of a strong muscular body.

High definition liposculpture is performed with micropunctures, no incisions are made. This technique allows to intensively remove the subcutaneous fat surrounding the muscle tissue. The surgeon eliminates fatty tissue which is located in the deep layer and selectively eliminates the fat cells from the surface right along the muscular body frame taking into consideration the natural proportions.

Having access to subcutaneous fat gives the surgeon a chance to contour the body by transferring the eliminated excess of fatty tissue to the zones which need extra volume thus creating athletic male and female bodies.

As a result of this procedure female patients will get a flat abdomen with a beautifully defined press and sculpted buttocks, while men will obtain a greek torso with highlighted obliques and athletic breast as well as a 6-pack abdomen.

Lipomodeling results

Before After
Before After
Before After

Have a look at all our lipomodeling results!

What is lipofilling?

In addition to removing fat and "drawing" the relief of muscles and shadows, lipofilling is widely used in liposuction, i.e. use of own remote fatty tissue for volume correction of other zones (breasts of male and female, buttocks, legs, face, muscles of the body).

Thus, the adipose tissue moves from unwanted zones, into areas where an increase in volume is desirable (pectoral and brachial muscles in men, breasts and buttocks in women, ankle growth).

For example, women prefer to use their own remote excess fatty deposits for natural face rejuvenation, lip augmentation, cheekbones, breasts, buttocks without incisions. Such material is most preferable, because it creates attractive forms, does not cause any rejection, since it is absolutely compatible with the patient's internal environment.

The result after lipofilling in the large pectoral muscle

Three unbeatable advantages of the newest VASER-liposuction technology

1.Maximum skin reduction and smoothing with minimally traumatizing the tissue

2. A possibility to create high definition countouring of body sculpture (defining muscles, creating an aesthetical beauty of different parts of the body, enlarging the muscles volume, maximum thinning of subcutaneous fat in the problem zones).

3. The highest feasibility rate of removed fat cells which can be used for lipofilling and liposculpture (muscles, buttocks, breast, face and hands).

What is going on during VASER-liposution procedure?

Firstly the problem zone is injected with salt solution tha causes numbness of the required area, contraction of blood vessels which reduces the blood loss. The salt solution also helps to eliminate the fat depots and reduces the risk of bruising and swelling.

Then an ultrasound probe through minimal incisions or even punctures is being introduced under the patient’s skin directly into the fat line. The high frequency ultrasound waves selectively destroy fat cells but don’t damage connective tissue, nerves or blood vessels.

On the next stage the emulsified fatty tissue is being eliminated through special cannulas.

It is important to say that only the excessive fat is being removed while the part of fatty tissue required for normal development stays in the body. The timing of surgery depends on the selected zone and complexity: a surgery can take from one to several hours.

So we can say that VASER is a revolutionary new method which gives plastic surgery amazing opportunities to achieve the best results.

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Depending on the patient’s health, liposuction location, the amount of removed fat the surgery can be performed under epidural or general anesthesia.

Post-surgery recovery is quite comfortable thanks to the minimum invasiveness of the procedure. The patient can leave the clinic on the next day after surgery and get back to moderate everyday activities in several days. Another advantage of the procedure is the absence of post-surgery scars, the marks left after probe incisions usually heal very fast.

To speed up the process of recovery, immediately after the procedure patients start wearing compression garments. It is recommended to wear these garments for several weeks and also to avoid physical activity for 2-3 weeks. Due to the use of salt solution the procedure doesn’t leave a lot of bruises and swelling and in 4-5 weeks they totally disappear and the patient can see the result he wanted to achieve.

The main task of modern liposuction

Modern liposuction is a high-tech surgery which includes:

  • minimal invasive surgery and quick recovery;
  • fat removal and its transfer in order to create (enlarge volume in other zones); 
  • liposuction in the superficial and deep layer – delicate modeling of the body with respect to anatomical muscles structure and shadow zones (depression);
  • effective reduction of skin in the liposuction zones.

At the same time classical (tuminiscent) liposuction can still be used for correction of small local areas in the deep fat layer and can be combined.

What’s the difference between classical and VASER liposuction?

The main task of classical liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery today. The old simple technique of removing fat tissues through thin tubes (cannulas) has not changed yet.

This appears to be an obvious advantage of classical (tuminiscent) liposuction because liposuction doesn’t leave any marks on the body (incisions are made in invisible places such as folds or belly button. The performance of this procedure is not difficult and does not require special equipment.

Thus the main task is to remove fat from problem zones and correct the body contours only in the fat depots zones.

The main task of ultrasound liposuction

But the recent study showed that adipose tissue consists of two layers – superficial and deep. Their balance is different in various parts of the body. When you lose weight the deep fat can totally decrease in its volume while subcutaneous fat may stay as it used to be.

Classical liposuction is carried out only in the deep fat layer, the superficial layer is hard or even impossible to treat because of its thick structure and probable damage of the skin.

But it’s the subcutaneous fat that prevents defining contours, shadows and sculpture of the muscles even if you train a lot to improve your muscles.


VASER-liposuction does not treat obesity, its main goal is to define the contour of your body creating harmonized and beautiful proportions based on the unique anatomical structure of every patient.

Remember that after VASER-liposuction procedure you should not relax: to keep your body fit you should follow a healthy diet and work out regularly.

Photo report

Pre-surgical consultation

The patient is unhappy about her abdomen and fat depots on the back and waist. She didn’t want to remove a lot of fat from her back but she wished to define the sculpture of her waist muscles and buttocks contours. The patient had successfully gone through classical liposuction procedure to remove fat depots from her abdomen and waist but the procedure didn’t define the sculpture of her muscles.

1. Photo shooting the patient without marking «before» to compare with the result «after» surgery. No fat depots have been found but the abdomen and waist are not sculptured.

2. Marking of the abdomen is a very important step in pre-surgery preparation – it helps to define the borders of every muscle and the location of natural «shadows» of the body.

3. Marking of the waist zone and the upper line of buttocks .

Surgery preparation

1. Now marking is almost finished.

2.In the operating room photos with marking help the surgical team not to lose the muscles lines during surgery and form the sculpture exactly in accordance with the anatomical characteristics of the body.

3. Once again we check the equipment before the operation.


1.The surgery starts from waist liposuction.

2. Then the surgeon performs liposculpture and defines the subtle sculpture of the lower back muscles and upper zone of the buttocks with the help of a special cannula and an ultrasound probe. Ultrasound allows to remove the major part of the fat tissue in this zone. The photo clearly shows the defined inflexion of the waist and buttocks.

3. The removed fat cells can be used for enlarging any muscles, buttocks, breast because the ultrasound does not damage the cells but only divides the fatty tissue into cell conglomerates.

It can also be noticed that there is no blood loss during surgery. Due to the ultrasound treatment the fat tissue is being selectively emulsified without traumatizing other tissue.

4. The next step is lipomodeling of abdomen. This is what makes body-building liposuction different from all other types of liposuction.

Comparing results in 2 months

Before: the abdomen muscles are not defined or visible even in tension, there is an excessive skin fold above the belly button, the waist does not look appealing from the front view. The patient occasionally goes to the gym and her weight is stable.

After: The abdomen and middle-line muscles are well-defined, the subcutaneous fat layer was reduced in the entire area, the skin was effectively reduced, as a result the patient has an athletic body. Still we recommend to start doing sport in 2 months to improve the effect. Ultrasound lipopasty (bodybuilding-liposuction) helps to get an athletic and beautiful body.

  Before   After

Comparing the results in a year

  Before   After

3D model

  3D model   3D model


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Время восстановления

У каждого пациента могут быть свои сроки восстановления после липосакции.

  • Через неделю после операции пациенты нередко испытывают дискомфорт и боль, но это постепенно проходит.
  • Через две недели можно заметить уменьшение воспалительного процесса. На этом этапе пациенты чаще всего возвращаются на работу. Если Ваша работа связана с физическими нагрузками, то Вы должны проконсультироваться с лечащим врачом.
  • Процесс заживления протекает по-разному у каждого пациента.
  • Через месяц после операции можно увидеть первые результаты. В это время пациенты уже могут вернуться к привычной повседневной жизни.
  • Полное восстановление возможно через 6-8 недель выполнения рельефной липосакции.
  • Отек в некоторой степени может сохраняться до 6 месяцев и более. Окончательные результаты процедуры заметны через 3-6 месяцев. Помните, что жировые отложения могут образоваться вновь. Для того, чтобы избежать этого, необходимо придерживаться правильного режима питания и физических нагрузок.
Применяются ли другие виды лечения помимо лимфатического массажа для восстановления после липосакции?

УЛЬТРАЗВУК: Воспалительная Фаза — Терапевтическое применение, безопасность, точный контроль и отличные, предсказуемые результаты сделали УЗИ важным дополнением к практике косметической хирургии. Новые и современные виды применения ультразвука включают омолаживающие процедуры кожи лица и тела, уменьшение растяжек, лечение контрактур и рубцовой ткани, например, вокруг грудных имплантатов. Ультразвук также используется в до- и послеоперационном периоде для ускорения заживления и восстановления после таких процедур, как пластика лица, живота и липосакция.

БАРОКАМЕРА/ОКСИГЕНОТЕРАПИЯ: Цель гипербарического воздействия заключается в обеспечении органов и тканей достаточным количеством кислорода, что обуславливает немедленный восстановительный эффект и обще улучшение всех функций организма. Вы можете пройти сеансы в барокамере после операции, чтобы увеличить приток кислорода к области хирургического вмешательства, что, возможно, сможет уменьшить воспаление, ускорит заживление ран и сократит время восстановления.

Когда можно выходить на улицу ночью?
Воздействие холода или других неблагоприятных условий окружающей среды может вызвать боль, особенно после операций на носе и при коррекции контуров тела. Рекомендуется носить теплую одежду, чтобы избежать неприятных побочных эффектов, по крайней мере, один месяц после операции.
Когда можно вернуться к половой жизни?
Так же, как и при физических нагрузках, половая активность должна быть сначала возобновлена, затем ее можно постепенно увеличивать, если это не вызывает воспаление, боль или деформацию в прооперированной области.
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Пациентка была недовольна плоскими ягодицами, но в то же время она не хотела большую попу. Хотела удалить жировые ловушки в области талии и живота, которые несмотря на занятия в спорт зале уменьшаются, но не уходят полностью.

Пациентке выполнена бодибилдинг липопластика (липокульптурирование) — это ультразвуковая липосакция, с помощью которой я удаляю жир и создаю рельеф тела.

Проведена липопластика в области спины, живота, плечей, липосакция внутренней поверхности бедер, липофилинг ягодиц

Получено стройное спортивное красивое рельефное тело с хорошей ретракцией (сокращение) кожи.

Верхний полис ягодиц имеет стабильную хорошую проекцию, характерную для более молодого возраста. В зонах жировых ловушек жира никогда больше не будет.

Фото через 2 месяца после операции, со временем результат улучшается, мы же знаем, что окончательный результат видим через 6-12 месяцев после операции. Ждите более поздних фотографий, будем сравнивать.

Фотографии сделаны после сеанса физиопроцедуры (что необходимо для лучшего сокращения кожи), поэтому Вы видите покраснения на спине, которое через час проходит.

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